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I have been helping many people like you and business people achieve a better outcome when it comes to buying a new car. I have been doing this for the last 26 years and the tricks and lack of respect for people astounds me when dealers are trying to sell a car.

You dont have to deal with that any more as I can organise the dealing and buying process for you. I can even give you ideas as to which car might suit you and what you are looking for when it comes to new cars.

So if you are wanting or looking for a new car I can help.


Wanting to buy that brand new car and not sure what car would suit your needs or your expectations? Need  help with your purchase? Quality Auto Search is totally independent of any allegiances of any kind and that way we ensure that you are getting the best in service and information about your purchase.

There many websites giving advice and may say they are independent in which they may not be. In fact many have services connected to them where they get a fee or advertisers pay a fee or have exclusive access to the websites adding to the confusion and making it very hard for you to trust what they are saying.

Just so that your new car buying experience is as easy as possible we at  Quality Auto Search are totally independent.Those services we point you to we do not in any way get a fee or anything from the companies  in fact they have asked us us just point you into their websites and as a business we trust them.

Buying your new car from Quality Auto Search has never been easier we just make sure it is the best experience there is to have when buying your new car.

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You should expect the best service when it comes to buying your new car .Whatever the new car is from a brand new Roller even to a commercial vehicle I will always make sure that you will get the best service possible.

You do get the best independent information and pricing due to that simple fact we are totally independent. Yes there are others out there that say we have the highest number of cars sold etc. However you just become another number and after delivery you just get a survey saying how good they are and do they say thank you and do you get a gift card? We DO for just being a customer of ours.

Car Solutions Made Easy
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Making things easier for you is our business.I believe buying a car from us in a one stop shop Many people have bought their brand new cars from us and have found it the easiest way to buy a new car without being hassled by the dealer sales people, finance people and the after market people.

If you would like to buy your brand new car in one place no matter what the manufacturer or model Quality Auto Search will ensure whatever your choice it will be a good deal.

For Business

I am here for business as well. Running a small business does take up a lot of time. Buying a car for the business can be fraught with very time consuming negotiations where you still may not be getting the best for your business hard earned dollars.

That is why I can obtain prices on any car that is brand new in Australia.So why not let me help you and your business save money on brand new cars.